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October 20, 2020

Keyless Chucks : Single Sleeve VS Double Sleeve

If you are here you probably already know what are keyless chucks for. So here we are only going to share with you a couple fun facts regarding the difference between these two keyless chucks built.

Single Sleeve Keyless Chuck


Easiest to operate single handedly when there is power from the battery.


It can actually be a hassle to take bits out when there is no power from the battery.

Single Sleeve Keyless Chuck can typically be found in the higher end product range, many times labeled with ‘Industrial’ or ‘Professional’. Here are some from TOTAL Tools lineup,

Double Sleeve Keyless Chuck


Can take out the bits easily by turning with both hands even without power from the battery.


You will need both hands to turn while changing the bits.

Double Sleeve Keyless Chuck on the other hand are usually on the lower end of the drill range, which are more suitable for home use. These are some from TOTAL Tools lineup,