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TCTLI2002 Li-ion Hydraulic Crimping Tool

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TCTLI2002 Li-ion Hydraulic Crimping Tool


Rotatable head design with built-in LED display to provide usage count.

Pressing cycle last 6-18 seconds, depending on the size of the cable.

Package comes with,

12 pcs Crimping dies: 16mm², 25mm², 35mm², 50mm², 70mm², 95mm², 120mm², 150mm², 185mm², 240mm², 300mm², 400mm²

2 pcs 20V 4.0Ah Batteries

1 pc Fast Intelligent Charger

1 set Cylinder seal

1 pc Protective seal

1 set Valves

1 pc Hydraulic fluid

1 pc Carrying strap

All items packed in a carrying case.

2 Years Limited Warranty

Model no. TCTLI2002
Voltage 20V ⎓
Dimensions 61cm * 51cm * 15cm
Rated speed 6s - 18s (depends on the size of the cable)
Clamp size 16mm² - 400mm²
Battery 2 pcs 20V Lithium-ion 4.0Ah batteries
Charger 1 pc 2 hours charger
Charger volts 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Working length Stroke (Travel): 42mm
Weight 17kg
Max. force 12kN