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TSP303 Safety Goggles

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TSP303 Safety Goggles

Note: Suitable to be used for TIG welding only due to its minimal spark and spatter created during the process.

Soft flexible and fire-resistant PVC frame with twin lens for optimum comfort and sealing.

Designed with 4 indirect ventilation grilles promote air circulation over lens area to reduce fogging and misting.

Both 50mm lens, one being the fixed glass inner pair lens and another outer shaded lens can be lifted allows the users to switch from welding to inspection easily.

Finally, there is an elastic headband, adjustable for a snug fit and can be worn over prescription spectacles.

Model no. TSP303
Protection rating 5th: Protects against small dust particles (under 5 microns)
Material PVC
Range of application Welding, Flame Cutting