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TSSLI202581 Li-ion Gauge Straight Shears

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TSSLI202581 Li-ion Gauge Straight Shears


⚠️ Warning:

  1. KEEP HANDS AND ALL PARTS OF BODY AWAY from blade, the edges are sharp and can cause injury even when the appliance is OFF.
  2. Do not leave the tool running UNATTENDED. Operate the tool only when hand-held.

Brushless Motor.

Package comes with,

1 pcs 20V 2.0Ah Battery

1 pc Fast Intelligent Charger

1 pc Carrying case

Model no. TSSLI202581
Voltage 20V ⎓
Cutting capacity 0-25mm
Dimensions 32cm * 26cm * 11cm
Material Blade: SK5 Steel
Weight 2.6kg
Range of application Wood / Tree branches