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Warranty Guidelines

TOTAL Tools Malaysia standard warranty coverage is for a period of SIX MONTHS only, unless specified otherwise, from the date of sale from an authorized TOTAL Tools Malaysia retailer to the original end-user. Except for any applicable Special, Extended, or Limited Warranty published by TOTAL Tools Malaysia for a particular product, TOTAL Tools Malaysia will, for a period of SIX MONTHS from the date of the sale, repair or replace any part of the equipment determined by TOTAL Tools Malaysia to be defective.

While guidelines are set out below, the ultimate choice between repair and replacement of a defective product that is subject to this warranty policy is at TOTAL Tools Malaysia’ discretion. In general, TOTAL Tools Malaysia’ policy is to repair products unless the repair of that item will cost more than 50% of the net price in which case TOTAL Tools Malaysia’ policy is to replace the products.

Repair Conditions

TOTAL Tools Malaysia accepts warranty claims and issue credit for the repair of a defective product, if:

Replace Conditions

TOTAL Tools Malaysia accepts warranty claims and replace a defective product, if:

Determining Defects

TOTAL Tools Malaysia’ standard warranty is based upon the prepaid return of the equipment claimed to be defective to an authorized TOTAL Tools Malaysia distributor for verification of the claimed defect. If the claimed defect is so verified, TOTAL Tools Malaysia will repair or replace free of charge the defective parts. The equipment will be returned to the original purchaser transportation prepaid.

If TOTAL Tools Malaysia wants the parts returned, a copy of the warranty claim form and a Returned Goods Authorization will be sent to you along with instructions on how to ship the parts back. TOTAL Tools Malaysia will pay all normal shipping charges, duties and customs charges that may be incurred in shipping the product to TOTAL Tools Malaysia from the authorized TOTAL Tools Malaysia retailer.

If inspection of the equipment does not disclose any defect in material or workmanship, repairs will be made at a reasonable charge, which charges may include the costs of parts, labor, and shipping and other transportation charges. You will be notified of these charges prior to any repair work being done.

Credit for warranty claims from approved TOTAL Tools Malaysia retailers will be issued to the TOTAL Tools Malaysia retailer only when TOTAL Tools Malaysia receives the requested product back and warranty claim is deemed valid by TOTAL Tools Malaysia. Denial of any warranty claim is at TOTAL Tools Malaysia's discretion. Exceptions may apply.

Warranty Exclusions & Limitations

Making a Claim